Immidart Enterprise

Immidart Enterprise application is exclusively designed for the global needs of Corporate Immigration. The application has several in built engines that provide stability, seamless customization and enables quicker modification and deployment. The Application has been built on Microsoft platforms and can be easily integrated with various databases and CRM applications. A simple, compliant, and most transparent application any Corporates and Immigration Professionals desired to have.

Cross Integration

API Integration compatibility with major software

Secure On-Cloud

Data Encrypted, Cloud Safe and Privacy Compliant

Single Sign On

Single point access through integration with your AD

Data Migration

Assistance for Data Migration and Seamless transfer

Access from Anywhere

Access from any device, anywhere in the world


Use our products seamlessly on all the devices & browsers

Immigration Hassles

  • Everything's Manual
  • Not compliance ready
  • redundant communication
  • Higher costs

Everything's Manual

Lack of automation makes everything person dependent not process driven.

Not Compliance Ready

No checkpoints, alerts and quick access to compliance info can cripple your business.

Redundant Communication

Wasteful email exchanges are the most inefficient way to manage your immigration needs.

Higher costs

More manpower than needed and inefficiency of manual processes will drive up your costs

Informed decision making impossible

No insightful reports and analytics mean data will not drive your decision making.

Poor Tracking and delays

Lack of effective tracking and delays mean poor customer satisfaction despite more efforts.

Process Slippages

Internal process adherence is difficult to manage and operational control become ineffective.

Mulitple tools, Mulitple problems

Not having a single platform to manage cross geo-mobility can be a nightmare. Most tools don't cut it.

  • Informed decision making impossible
  • Poor Tracking and delays
  • Process slippages
  • Mulitple tools, Mulitple problems

Our Offerings

Cross-Geo Global Mobility

Information Portal

Progress tracking and alerts

Reports and dashbord

Compliance management

Document Management

Workflow Automation

Vendor and service provider access

Cross-Geo Global Mobility

Single Solution that provides you the power to manage immigration processes across every geography. Built to be truly global from the ground up!

Information Portal

Built-in feature helps promote transparency, self-help and takes the load off your immigration team. Helps them focus on the really important things.

Progress Tracking & Alerts

Helps every stakeholder in your organization to be on top of things and help them take the right actions at the right time.

Reports & Dashboards

Get Custom Dashboards based on the role you play. Supports Intelligent Analytics that aid informed decision making in a highly dynamic environment.

Compliance Management

Compliance needs to be managed proactively. Organize and quickly access info required for audits and be compliance ready at all times.

Document Management

Robust DMS ensures your organization and the employee's documents are stored securely and are available for reuse. Can cut redundancy by 60%.

Workflow Automation

Quickly virtualize your operations on our platform through easy configuration of your organisation's internal processes to the global immigration requirements.

Vendor & Service Provider Access

Enable restricted access on a need-to-know basis to your vendors & service providers for a single unified view. No more redundant mail exchanges.